Make sure everything is in order before you hit the road

Make sure you and your car are ready to hit the road by going through the following checklist:

  • Has your car got a bundle of cold-weather gear? This bundle should contain extra food and water, a torch, warm clothing, a scraper to clear off snow from your windscreen, blankets and medications.
  • Check if the tyres of your vehicle are properly inflated and don’t forget to carry an extra tyre as well as the essential tools needed to change a tyre.
  • Drain and replace the fluid in the wipers of your vehicle with a winter fluid that doesn’t freeze in extremely cold weather. It’s one of the most important winter driving safety precautions.
  • Make sure your vehicle is running on half a tank of fuel all the time as you don’t want to run out of fuel in the middle of the road with freezing temperatures outside.
  • Check whether the headlamps of your vehicle are properly working or not. If not, then get them fixed on a priority basis.
  • Do not even think of using cruise control while driving on a slippery road covered with ice and snow, otherwise it can be disastrous. Your vehicle needs to be in your full control all the time.