Aluminium interiors don’t get easily damaged by fire and chemicals
Homeowners and designers are extremely concerned while opting for aluminium cabinets for certain reasons. Here’s something you should know as one of the many benefits of aluminium kitchen cabinets in Pakistan: the surface of aluminium kitchen counters and cabinets is covered by a thin oxide layer, which becomes its protection by default. So, it is only natural that this type of metal cabinet doesn’t react to harmful chemicals, acidic liquids, and detergents.

God forbid if your kitchen ever catches fire or meets any such threatening incidents, in any case, you will remain assured that the aluminium cabinets in your kitchen will survive this event and other similar unfortunate events.

Since you have made it till here, you should also know that aluminium kitchen cabinets are not for every home since they can be a little noisier than wooden cabinets, and if you have messy family members who have a habit of throwing around stuff – then aluminium cabinets are a no-no! However, this problem can be countered too, with quality joints and proper installation. For more of such interior and construction ideas, subscribe to Bin Sadiq Blog. Have any suggestions or questions? Reach out to us at or get in touch with us via our Facebook page.