Coreopsis Farm Houses is the beautiful combination of vision, experience, and research where each and every dream of luxurious life has been given reality with the high standards of creativity. The mutual efforts of nature’s craftsmanship and human mastery have resulted in Coreopsis Farm Houses with the unique features that make it state of the art project. The keen interest, likability, and trust of respectable clients are valuable assets for us.

Saudi Pak Developers:

Saudi Pak Developers has been awarded successes on the victory stand due to its professional services for the progress and prosperity of the real estate sector in DHA Lahore and it has made history. Due to its enthusiasm, hard work and honesty, Saudi Pak Developers has gained the complete trust of the personalities engaged with the real estate business, institutes, and its honorable clients. After the successful completion of Bulleh Shah Auto Market, Saudi Pak Developers have launched its mega project Coreopsis Farm Houses on Barky Road in Lahore. The superior characteristics impart a unique recognition to the project and this recognition is the guarantee of its success.         

 Coreopsis Farm Houses are the mega step of Saudi Pak Developers towards the long journey of town planning and social development. During this journey, the strong will to do a lot and surety of success are the key factors to build trust.  This trust enhances not only respect but confidence also.

We strongly believe that the trust, attention, and respect will be the cornerstone of the incomparable success of this mega project ….. Coreopsis Farm Houses.

Crest Land Planners

The relation of man with the earth is full of colors and passions. The countries, cities, towns, and villages on the earth have been enjoying a sense of security since these have been built on it. The same feeling gives birth to a natural desire to build houses, colonies, housing societies, and farmhouses to enjoy the highest standards of luxuries and peaceful life. To satisfy this desire Coreopsis Farm Houses are being planned to give reality through each angle of thoughts with superior standards of mastery. It has resulted in the history-making Farm Houses that is a unique and pioneer chapter of Farm Housing Sector and the beautiful expression of innovation in the tradition. Coreopsis Farm Houses are our mega project in Lahore. From its concept to its creation, each step meets the highest standards of professional mastery.

To keep each promise with our clients is our first priority.      

Project Profile: Why Only Coreopsis Farm Houses?


This splendid and peaceful Farm Housing Project is located near the prime location of main Barki Road Lahore.

Travelling  Time & Distance:

The travel time from Coreopsis Farm Houses to Allama Iqbal Airport is 8 min, from Abdullah Gull Interchange is 5 min, from DHA phase is 3 min and the travel time to BRB canal is 1 min.

An environment with Security:

The super luxury environment with latest security instruments and technology and the availability of highly trained security squad, the Coreopsis Farm Houses, is the safest project of Lahore.


  • The farm houses of 4, 8 and 16 Kanal area
  • The masterpiece of ancient and modern architecture, monuments and the main gate
  • 40 feet wide main boulevard with wide green belts on both of its sides, pretty roundabouts, and the extensive internal roads
  • Mosque, Fitness Club, Mega Mart, Swimming Pool, Children Park, and the Medical Center


Coreopsis Farm Houses are quite near the DHA so the profit rate on investment is highest here. It is the best and secure investment opportunity.

Today’s investment ……. Tomorrow’s pure profit


Water is one of the basic necessities of life. The underground water in most areas of Lahore is contaminated that is a health hazard. It is not only dangerous for the environment but also for human life.

The underground water of Coreopsis Farm Houses is pure, clear and healthful. There is no need to filter it, it is already naturally filtered. 

Main Features:

  • Security: Latest technology and experienced security guards-Surety of security
  • Gate-Monument: A superior creation of the mixture of ancient and modern architecture, the monument of the main gate and the four walls
  • Electricity: Solar street lights and underground wiring
  • Main Boulevard- Side Roads: A vast main boulevard and beautiful internal roads
  • Roundabouts: Pretty roundabouts with the fragrance of the flowers, eye-catching monuments, and fountains
  • Mosque: The sacred voice of Allah – ho – Akbar, a modern mosque of architectural design with each and every facility
  • Swimming Pool-Lake: The excited waves of waters, pretty lake, and a large swimming pool
  • Open Air Car Cinema: Entertainment gala, latest technology multiplex 3D open-air car cinema
  • Horse Riding: Innovation in the tradition, a unique entertainment with a new style
  • Family Fitness Club: Latest machinery and equipment of international standard for the physical health and fitness, a complete family fitness club under the supervision of experienced trainers
  • Mega Mart: Availability of the products of standard brands
  • Food Court: Native, traditional, continental, Chinese, Iranian, Arabian and Turkish foods. Top class high genic cooking process, Peaceful environment, A modern food court with a peculiar style.
  • Park: Fragrant with the flowers and decorated with the colorful butterflies, children park with outdoor and indoor games and entertainment
  • Medical Centre: Latest medical facilities and experienced doctors, qualified paramedical staff
  • Architectural and Construction Services: Creating masterpieces with innovative ideas from renowned architects both the divisions provide their services and facilities for designing the maps, quality construction and interior of the farmhouses. It is another professional uniqueness of Saudi Pak Developers.

The architect and construction division of Saudi Pak Developers …………. with the enthusiasm to serve.

Coreopsis Farm Houses 3D View

Coreopsis Farm Houses Documentary


Installment Plan 12 Months 4 Quarters

Mode of Payment4 Kanals8 KanalsOther Per Kanal
Total Amount1,60,00,0003,20,00,0004000000
Down Payment 20%32,00,00064,00,000
First Installment  (After 3 Months)32,00,00064,00,000
2nd Installment (After 6 Months)32,00,00064,00,000
3rd Installment (After 9 Months)32,00,00064,00,000
4th & Final Installment ( After One Year)32,00,00064,00,000


  • 10% discount on down payment and possession will be handed over to the client within 3 months after booking date.
  • 10% extra amount will be charged on corner and main boulevard plots.
  • After receiving the 3rd installment (according to the schedule) the possession of the farm house plot will be h