First-time buyers are usually individuals with families.

One of the most common types of property buyers in the real estate market is first-time buyers. They are usually families who are in search of a foot in the door options based on affordability. First-time property buyers are generally looking for a comfortable and livable space that must include gardens, parking spaces, and safe spaces for children to play.

Moreover, families in Pakistan are incredibly social and like to live in communities, so it is quite normal for them to have guests come over, particularly at weekends. First-time buyers, especially individuals with families, are most likely to go with homes that offer at least two bedrooms with attached baths, living room, or guest rooms to accommodate visitors.

On a side note, if you genuinely want to help your buyers, just warn them about the most common mistakes that first-time homebuyers make such as not knowing what they can afford or spending all of their savings in one go.

Move-Up or Move-Down Buyers

The real estate industry of Pakistan isn’t short of buyers – there will always be someone looking to buy today, but who is the right type of buyer for your offer? Let’s find out!

After first-time buyers, the next most common type of property buyers in Pakistan are the buyers who want to relocate to either a smaller or bigger space in comparison with their current property. You will usually find individuals who are either:

  • Retired individuals looking to downsize their larger homes after their children have moved out, they can’t take care of bigger spaces, and the maintenance is taking a toll on their pocket.
  • Growing families who want to trade their existing property for the larger house due to a hike in income.

Now, let’s take a look at their needs and ways to deal with them individually. To begin with, the first category of buyers are generally down-sizing from their luxurious space and hence looking for a place that is easier to maintain and is situated in communities and close to public spaces. These buyers will be pleased to live in quiet residential units that allow easy access to parks, trails, coffee shops, and restaurants.

The second category of property buyers is usually looking for a dreamy location that is compatible with both their changing lifestyle and family size. They will be pleased with an extravagant interior, including modern kitchens, luxurious bathrooms, spacious bedrooms, and home features such as high-tech security systems, swimming pools, and a backyard for gardening.