Hardwood floor, or familiarly known as solid wood floor, is made up of real wood. Just like the name implies, each plank of hardwood is typically 18-20 mm dense and hard. Since the trend of wooden floor is back in fashion, a hardwood floor can be a valuable addition to any home’s décor. For most buyers and interior decorators, solid wood floor is irreplaceable since it gives a chic and modern look to an interior.

A solid wood floor can be extremely suitable for tenants since it can be reinstalled anywhere and even over the top of the concrete floor. Since it is a refined version of wood, it can be easily broken, dented, or tattered if used roughly and not maintained timely.

Suitable Area to Lay Hardwood Flooring in Your House
Most people prefer to lay solid wood flooring in areas where they can show off their luxurious choice. Regions recommended for hardwood flooring include living rooms and bedrooms, or anywhere with a relatively stable humidity – too much moisture can damage the woodwork – and if you’re considering to install a solid wood floor, try to weigh it against, let’s say, laminate flooring since hardwood planks are incredibly prone to house infestations.

Rates of Hardwood Floor
Before buying planks of hardwood floor, it is essential to know the trending options. As of now in Pakistan, oak, teak and beech wood are being used for solid wood flooring. Typically, the average rate of solid wood planks can range between PKR 585 to PKR 680 per square feet.

Pros and Cons of Hardwood Floor
Since hardwood planks are a refined version of wood, it is only natural to see variations in the colour of each board. Additionally, here are some more pros and cons of hardwood floor:

Gives a furnished and classic look to your interiors
Pleasing to eyes and extremely appealing
Solid wood flooring requires timely maintenance
Intensifies sounds and hence not recommended for upstairs or quiet areas
A major con: solid wood flooring can swell in humidity and shrinks in a drought environment
A simple way to put it together is that using any form of wooden flooring in Pakistan makes more sense if you’re an environmentalist and it is the least you can do to protect it. If you’re still having second thoughts about selecting a contemporary look for your house,


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