A poor quality ceramic tile can break or crack rather easily

Ceramic flooring is an ideal choice for home as it is resistant to scratches and pretty durable.

These are some of the things you can check at the site to determine the
quality of ceramic tiles and ensure the product you are buying is long-lasting.

  • All ceramic tiles must have the same colour and texture. The patterns and designs may vary, as specified.
  • The size of each tile must be perfectly square or rectangular with straight edges and uniform thickness.
  • The top finishing and glazing must be smooth and free of cracks, holes and scratches.
  • You may also scratch the surface of a ceramic tile to ensure it is of good quality.
  • Look out for chipped edges and uneven surfaces. The best way to check the quality of ceramic tiles is to put them on a levelled surface. If the tiles have some curvature or are warped, they won’t lie flat.
  • Measure the diagonals of ceramic tiles. They should be of the exact same length.
  • Ceramic tiles are usually 5 mm thick. If thinner, they might break easily depending on the usage.
  • Submerge ceramic tiles in water for a day. Their water absorption should not be more than 10 percent of their dry weight.
  • Use a regular cleaning product that’s used in homes to check the quality of glazing on the tiles.

So, these were simple tips on how to check the quality of the tiles. You can also take a look at our pick of budget-friendly ways to clean floor tiles to make them look brand new.

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