Laminate flooring, also known as the floating wood floor, is a lifelike imitation of a hardwood floor. This type of flooring comprises multi-layer synthetic flooring material that reflects a glowing imprint since it is made through the lamination process and is given a finishing touch with a photographic layer.

The demand for this type of flooring is generally higher among the rest of the modern flooring options. Moreover, laminate flooring is preferred by home decorators and buyers for quite a few reasons including the fact that the installation process is hassle-free and the maintenance is far cheaper than hardwood flooring.

Suitable Area to Lay Laminate Wood Flooring in Your House
Laminate flooring can be susceptible to the surroundings, so it is important to identify the areas that are suitable for it, and where it can be maintained easily. For instance, avoid installing laminate flooring in high traffic areas and the areas most prone to get messy, such as living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms since it can be extraordinarily water-sensitive and does not react well to puddles of liquids. So, it is only natural that laminate wood flooring requires areas that do not need frequent cleaning unless you’ve installed waterproof core, which is said to be suitable for wet areas.

Rates of Laminate Wood Floor
In terms of maintenance, a small amount of investment in laminate wood flooring can go a long way since it requires not more than a dry mop to be gleaming again. That being said, it is also quite cost-effective for budget-friendly flooring options. Currently, Interwood is offering laminate planks from PKR 175 to PKR 350 per square feet.

Although laminate flooring is budget-friendly and a sustainable option, it has its pros and cons:

Installation and maintenance of laminate wood flooring is almost effortless
Super easy to clean – requires only a dry mop to shine again
Laminate flooring is easily replaceable – reinstall
Wide range of simulations of natural wood are available
Major con: Laminate wood flooring gets easily swollen by moisture


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