Be patient with luxury buyers!

Having a clearer understanding of the buyer’s needs can make you appear like an expert and can help you in the long run. Since most people prefer dealing with sellers who understand their needs better, knowing their needs before-hand is ideally the best option. Luxury seekers might seem similar to individuals who are looking for up-sizing, but in reality, they are considered the opposite.

Luxury buyers are usually people who have several properties in different parts of the country. They are willing to pay extra costs to secure a home that boasts extravagant features such as heated floors, open floor plans, chandeliers, and ridiculously lavish lifestyle. Be extremely patient since this type of property buyers will not settle for anything less than what doesn’t fit their taste.

Buy-to-let Investors

Buy-to-let investors are the type of buyers who specialise in buying and selling homes. These buyers are called ‘investors’ in real estate language and often have many properties in the area but are still looking to purchase another home for either:

  • Fixing/flipping and reselling to earn a profit.
  • Renting to families or young individuals for passive income.

It is comparatively easier to approach investors since they are receptive and attentive. The biggest perk of working with this specific type of buyers in the real estate market is that they are generally thrifty and have a clearer understanding of the market. Investment seekers are only attracted by two factors: price and location.