Paint kitchen cabinets like a pro by using uniform strokes and feathering out the edges

Once you’ve applied the primer, now comes the time to paint your kitchen cabinets – finally!

You can use a small hand roller to paint the flat surfaces and a high-quality paintbrush to colour the corners. One of the most important painting techniques for kitchen cabinets is to start with even brush strokes and then feather out the edges. Also, do not paint over the wet surface. As for the cabinet doors, first, paint the side facing the inside of the shelf and let it dry before moving on to the other side.

Depending on the type of paint you’ve bought and how long it takes to completely dry, repeat the process once again and apply the second coat.

Allow all the cabinets, drawers and doors to dry before moving or touching them. Ideally, you should leave them overnight before beginning the reassembling process.