Decide What to Keep and What to Discard While You Declutter the Home

One of the first tips for staging your home, which is also the most important, is to avoid cluttering your interior. Clutter makes a home/room feel crowded and small, which wrongfully translates into a lack of storage space. This is not the impression you want to make, so declutter the space accordingly. Your aim is to sell the space. Pack up all unnecessary belongings and leave open floor spaces to make the interior appear spacious to potential home buyers.

De-Personalise the Space

As part of staging a home for sale, your job is to provide the buyer with a space that they can envision as their own. You need to give them plenty of storage space for their belongings and spark an interest in making your home their own with their own personal touches. This is only possible once you de-personalise the space with your own belongings. This includes removing personal photos from the walls, clearing away countertops in the kitchen and bathroom, and so on. The aim is to offer a blank canvas to the buyer to get their creative juices flowing about how they can set up a room or the entire property once they’ve christened it as their own.