A country’s economy can suffer from forest fires.

Bushfires are a devastating form of wildfires that can wreak havoc on environments and economies central to human survival. They also have severely adverse effects on the life of animals, birds, forests, and other such gifts from nature.

As for the many dangers posed by bushfires, the direct impact of it can be seen in human and animal communities. Thousands of lives are affected by wildfires, coupled with the loss of valuable possessions and ever-lasting trauma. Forests are also reduced to ashes by these intense bushfires. The wildlife calling a forest its homes faces certain death from suffocation or incineration.

Not to mention the fact that air pollution can travel long distances. So, even if there’s a wildfire in Australia, the US, or Amazon, everyone in the world should be equally worried.

Furthermore, wildfires have a direct impact on the economy of the countries affected by them. These natural catastrophes can lead to long-term instability in tourism and natural resources. Moreover, treasured funds of a country can quickly run dry in efforts to stopping the fire from spreading or extinguishing it completely, depending on how massive and extreme the fire is.