The National Database and Registration Authority, which is short for NADRA, acts as an independent agency that comes directly under the Ministry of Interior. It was formed in the year 2000 to effectively regulate matters related to registration and modification of the database of Pakistani citizens. With over 10,000 employees serving in hundreds of domestic and a few international offices, NADRA has effectively spread its network in multiple directions. Let’s explore more about latest updates in the system of NADRA.

Ever since NADRA was formed, constant improvements have been made in its system in order to provide increased data security and to improvise the process of maintenance of sensitive information in National Database, which gets updated from time to time. Let’s check out the latest updates in the system of NADRA carried out by the authorities for the improvement of the existing National Database Registration System.


The introduction of Computerized NICs was an absolute breakthrough that was achieved by NADRA in the very first year of its formation. Previously, the age-old database system, which was introduced almost four decades ago in the 1970s, was being used. It was ineffective and less secure as compared to the modern and digitized system that has been announced in the past couple of years. Computerized National Identity Card, shortened as CNIC, effectively paved a way to accumulate and verify almost all the important information regarding the citizens of Pakistan over 18 years of age.