Young buyers are attracted by modern features!

This where it gets tricky; understanding young property seekers might come off as a complex thing at first, but some common buying patterns will help you easily understand their general needs. As such, young buyers don’t rely on seasons or schedules for purchasing – for them, the market is always on. They are among active buyers that are always looking for suburbs.

Young property seekers are fully connected with better visuals and want to visit properties at any time of the day. They are usually easier to get along with due to their tech-savvy nature. For them, any property will work as long as it is affordable and offers a good location.

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Overseas Buyers

Overseas buyers who have close families, either parents, spouses, or children living in Pakistan, are among the most common types of property buyers that are considered genuine buyers. Since they know they have minimal time to buy, they want to see as many offers as they can and decide even quicker.

Overseas buyers usually prefer safe housing schemes with gated communities that are coupled with amenities such as schools, gyms, parks, restaurants, and safe public spaces.

This wraps up our post on different types of real estate buyers. We have covered the most common ones in our blog.

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