In Beget 2014-15, The Govt. (FBR) imposed a newly imposed tax of 0.6% on any kind of transaction from banks, But the all Business Communities, including Real Estate Business Facing trouble due to newly imposed tax from FBR of 0.6% on any kind of transaction from banks. Haji Zahid Bin Sadiq the General Secretary of DHA Estate Agents Association (Regd) Lahore Cantt, recently Send letters regarding this issue with Prime Minister of Pakistan, Federal Finance of Pakistan, Provisional Finance Minister of Punjab, Chairman FBR, he said that Real Estate Business Community totally rejected this illegal imposition of tax which makes hurdle in the business.

In last year when Government established the tax reforms commission  and its purposes was to  required suggestions from all kind of business community   for collecting the tax in an easy manner, to make easy to get the NTN, to end the fear of taxpayer and to change the all return system and makes this tariff according to the current situations but all is vain and this current step feels sorry for all the business community and this step by the GOVT to imposition of taxes and illegally cutting the tax is totally illegal and it threw the business community with the wall and this step destroyed everything in the business community and nothing escapes just to suicide.

Mr. Bin Sadiq requested to bless by the business community which already pays so many taxes and this cruel order must be recalled for the sake of the business community and the revenue never transferred abroad and if thin our country businessmen feel easier and increased the revenue of the country.

We all requested for the sake of public welfare by the GOVT please recognize our application and ends the fear of businessmen and this imposition of tax must be recalled. Your order makes the life of businessman easy and will also increase the revenue of the country.

The DHA Estate Agents Association general secretary requested the prime minister to issue orders for these measures to be taken.

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