About to buy/sell a plot? Well, before you head to the property market, you should be aware of some factors affecting plot prices in Pakistan and can surprisingly boost the market price of a plot you’re investing in – or maybe selling out.

Considering the fact that a plot’s value is not purely based on the buyer’s market and one man’s trash is another man’s treasure – for instance, some buyers weigh location factors including the availability of nearby public transport, placement of schools, and commercial areas. Meanwhile, others pay close attention to the size and condition of the land. No matter what the demand is, the seller should always make it a point to highlight the features that make their property stand out from the crowd.

Previously, we had discussed some tips to follow to sell your property for the highest value and also some ways to add more value to your home, and in line with these ideas, we are now discussing some critical factors that can positively influence the value of your plot.