Chip-based National Identity Cards have been introduced by NADRA

One of the most incredible latest updates in the system of NADRA is the inclusion of state-of-the-art chips in the National Identity Card. This chip has an encrypted digital record of all your sensitive information that appears on your CNIC and has been recorded in the National Database. The cutting-edge phenomenon of biometric verification has also been made a part of this digitized National Database Registration System as all the available data of the citizens of Pakistan has been synchronized with this system.

Biometric verification allows a particular system to recognize you as a citizen of this country without having the need of carrying your CNIC everywhere. The process of digital transformation of the National Database will continue like this until all Pakistani citizens have their sensitive information digitally registered and biometrically verified.


Another major latest updates in the system of NADRA in recent years is the setting up of not only one but two mega centres in Karachi. Breaking the conventions of normal office timings followed by NADRA offices, which are from 9am to 5pm during weekdays, these Mega Centres remain open 24/7. Due to round-the-clock operations, the existence of NADRA Mega Centres in Karachi is a blessing, especially for people belonging to the working class. Whether it’s a Saturday or a Sunday; early in the morning or late at night, you can easily visit NADRA Mega Centres in Karachi to get your application submitted and processed with the assistance of their employees serving in three shifts.

NADRA had closed down its usual centres located in South and Central regions of Karachi after the formation of Mega Centres that are intended to cater to a large number of population. With the seating arrangement for over 300 people and the existence of dozens of counters, NADRA Mega Centre has the capacity to process multiple requests at a time.


One of the most significant latest updates in the system of NADRA is the introduction of mobile registration vehicle. It is purposed for the assistance of people who live in the remote areas of the country or are unable to travel due to different kinds of medical conditions. NADRA Mobile Registration vehicles, based on a fleet of vans and cars, were introduced last year by the Information Ministry of Pakistan. However, NADRA Mobile Registration Cars are only to be used in those areas where it becomes impossible for vans to get through.

All these NADRA vehicles are equipped with features that are needed in the process of registration and modification of sensitive information in the National Database. NADRA mobile registration vehicles reach out to people and get their useful information as citizens of Pakistan effectively registered.